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Dryer and honey decrystallizator “Optima” (with stainless steel mesh trays and analogue temperature control)

# 123522


The device is intended for honey decrystallization. However, it can also be used for drying all friable products, such as bee pollen, bee bread, herbs, mushrooms, sliced apples, etc. Bee bread dries in 2-3 days (at a temperature of +43°C), bee pollen – in 24 hours, honey decrystallization takes place in some 6-18 hours.

Drawers/trays are made of acid resistant stainless steel mesh, eyelet diameter: 4 x 3 mm, thickness – 0.6 mm.

External dimensions: 590 x 540 x 1470 mm,
Internal dimensions: 515 x 400 x 1035 mm.
Weight: 38 kg.
Quantity of trays: 31 pcs.
Total drying area: 5,3 m2.
Pollen capacity: up to 74 kg.
Analogue temperature control 3 kW: 20°C to +45°C.
Average operating power: 170 W.
Maximum power: 2058 W.
Voltage: 230 V.

User guide:
1. Set down the device at its intended place. Ensure enough space is left behind, because there is an air inlet on the rear side and an air outlet in its front, below the door.
2. Put the jars with honey for decrystallization on the trays/drawers inside the dryer or a bucket with honey straight on the bottom floor.
3. Initially put both switches to “0” (the one located on the thermostat and the red one on the door atop). After inserting the power cord into the socket, switch the red one power key to “I”. The switch key suppose to start gleaming followed by ventilator buzzing.
4. When using a potentiometer knob on the thermostat (0 – 45 C˚) set the maximum desired temperature. Then switch a white thermostat button to “I”. After doing this, green and red lights suppose to turn on. Green light indicates that the thermostate is turned on, and the red one – heating is on. When the desired temperature is reached, one of the heating elements turns off followed by the extinguishing of the red light. However, ventilator still continues its work. When temperature drops down bellow the appointed one, the heating element turns on again followed by the red light.
5. After usage, the device must be cleaned thoroughly: unscrew the metal bottom lid and clean the space below, the soft white filter must be removed also and vacuum cleaned, and washed, if needed.

How to remove the soft filter and metal bottom lid: using a flat screwdriver lift the filter slightly upwards under the floor’s metal corner and than pull it towards yourself, so removing it.
In order to remove away the metal floor lid, 4 bolts merely have to be unscrewed.
CAUTION! It is dangerous to remove away the filter or take off the metal lid if the device is turned on!