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Dryer – honey decrystallizator in drums “Profi”

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Capacity: 250 kg of fresh bee pollen/or bee bread. Total drying area appr. 15 sq. meters. Dryer with integrated air dryer/humidity collector. The moisture removed from the product is drained via transparent hose (10 x 1,5 mm) to adjacent container placed outside. Water condensation drawn out from bee products is a rich source of etheric oils and lactic acid, and can be used for production of exclusive products. Separate withdrawable trolley on wheels (wheelcart) accommodates 60 trays (tray size 400 x 640 x 20 mm) on both sides of the wheelcart, made from perforated stainless steel, acid resistant. Diameter of perforation 3 mm. After trays were removed, wheelcart fits for one 200 Liter metal barrel to shove in for honey decrystallization.

2 drying modes: heating and ventilating mode (humidity released to premises) or water condensation/extraction mode (water condensation collected). When drying takes place in humidity extraction mode, drying period considerably shortens: bee pollen dries out in 14 hours, bee bread in 1,5-2 days. Outer dimensions: 1250 x 810 x 1750 mm, inner space compartment (without wheelcart): 990 x 700 x 1280 mm. Power 2,7 kW / 230 V.

Manufacturer UAB “Wilara” (Lithuania).