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Hive top feeder with partition „Nicot“

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Dadant-Blatt 10-frame size feeder: 430 x 500 x 60 mm (outer). Made of alimentary plastic.
Volume: 7 liters or about 10 kg of syrup: consists of two separate compartments of 3.5 liter each. This separation allows for different feeding possibilities: either mixed (half liquid and half solid with candy), or completely liquid, or completely solid. 4 reducers shut the bees’ entry avoiding their drowning.

As an option for Queenbreeding the feeder may be used by 2 colonies under the same roof.

There are two prepierced holes on either side of the feeder – by piercing any of them allows to take the food from under the bottom. After use the hole may be plugged by Nicot cap B2.

Extra smooth surface: no mold can stick to it.

Light weight: 1,4 kg.

Manufactured by France.