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Solar wax melter (685 x 560 x 200 mm)

# 16051


Substantially improved its design!

Melter’s body size: 685 x 560 x 200 mm.
The body is made of moisture-resistant marine plywood, 12 mm in thickness. The interior is insulated with a sun-reflective material. Transparent cover (695 x 575 mm) – made of 10 mm corrugated plastic. Cover’s edges are binded with stainless steel to reinforce. The cover-lid can be shut closed with two buckles fore and aft. Melter’s body has one sturdy arm screwed on it for easier transfer. The solar melter is equipped with a stainless foot, for handy melter’s angle adjustment facing to sun.
Inside there is stainless steel plate – 500 x 500 mm – to place combs for remelting on it. In addition, a small tin container 390 x 110 x 75 mm (commonly used in confectionery industry) comes to be used to collect liquid melted wax.

Manufacturer: “WILARA”, JSC (Lithuania).