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Table top bee bread harvester “BBM Mini” with stainless steel separation device

# 10932


The table-top Bee bread harvesting machine “BBM Mini” – is a brand new page in the history of beekeeping!
This machine had won the first prize / gold medal award at the Contest classes of the APIMONDIA 2013 international congress in Kyiev, – being nominated in the best invention category.

Such a small device intended for hobby beekeeping.
Width of the hopper’s inlet: 85 mm.
Power: 250 W / 230 V. Weight: 7,2 kg.
Combs with bee bread have to be prepared for their thrashing in advance: (1) honey residues to be removed away by extraction and putting back to hive for complete drying – combs have to be completely honey-free, (2) next, combs have to be broken along the wires into 85 mm wide strips and (3) have to be frozen at -18°C overnight (normal way to put the broken combs to a freezer at late afternoon of one day, to leave it overnight, until the next morning comes). Manual stainless sieve intended for the obtained thrashed wax and bee bread mixtures’ hand-sieving. Productivity: up to 30 kg/hour. Wax segregation up 100%*. Before its final storage or packing, the bee bread has to be dried.
Manufacturer: “Wilara”, JSC (Lithuania).

*depends on the color of combs.