How “Wilara” produce beeswax comb foundation sheets?

In “Wilara”, JSC, the beeswax comb foundation sheets are produced by using comb foundation sheet formation and embossing machine “Margarita-1”. The whole comb foundation sheet production process is divided into three stages: (1) wax melting and sterilization, (2) plain sheet formation and their embossing, and (3) packing. First stage: Wax melting and sterilization Honey comb foundation sheets are produced from a pure natural 100% beeswax. It is obtained from local beekeepers by buying-in their wax or by exchanging their wax to ready made foundation sheets. All obtained wax material has been always checked for its purity. Impure or paraffin contaminated raw wax material is... more

What determines the strength and stiffness of comb foundation sheets?

First of all – a thickness of foundation sheet itself (refer to question on foundation sheets’ production). In addition, stiffness largely depend on time which has been passed since its production. Fresh sheets are the softest, but after just a few days passed, - these reaches 50% of their stiffness, becoming apparently much more sturdy. However, a full recrystallization process for wax takes place within next few months. Therefore, it is advisable to put older embedded sheets into hives, even of last years’ production, rather than those freshly... more

What determines the color of the combs’ foundation sheets?

Wax color depends on various factors: (1) raw material, (2) storage conditions, even... (3) bee race. 1. Color dependence from the raw material. The wax melted from combs' cappings is always of bright yellow color, but the older combs are always darker. Nothing to do with that. 2. Color dependence from storage conditions. Please, note the following: Wax exposed to direct sunlight - gradually fades. Frozen wax gets covered with some whitish layer - this process is called "wax blooming". However, after being warmed up to 40°C (either by placing to sunlight, or by pouring over with hot water, or by keeping close to some source of heat, or just simply by placing it into a hive),... more

How to melt your combs properly? What are the most common errors?

 Combs have to be melted in a stainless steel or enameled (just not damaged) vessel or receptacle. By neglecting this, the dissolved iron or zinc would severely affect wax color to become of grizzly, pale or grayish in color.  It is advised to use soft water (preferably rain water, or even snow) for wax melting. If hard water used, wax becomes pale and takes on a matte shade. In addition, if cooling the wax in a soft water, separation of impurities is much better.  It is essential to allow for cooling down the melted wax slowly. And better to use a higher container for this purpose, rather than a wide one. If a high container used, dirt settles down nice and clean and will be... more