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8-cassette honey extractor „Minima“ (Ø 1000 mm, for 8/16 frames, 12 V)

# 12166


Nuo 1 vnt. kaina: 1199 € už 1vnt.
Nuo 1 vnt. kaina: 1199 € už 1vnt.

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Economic grade.

From stainless steel and two plastic honey gates. Drum is Ø 1000 mm in diameter, thickness 0,6 mm, drum’s height 730 mm.

8 Dadant-size cassettes (425 x 340 mm). Stainless rods for cassettes: Ø3 ir Ø5 mm. Motor: belt driven 24 V / 350 W. Digital steering HE-01M allows to operate manually and also has one automatic program, which allows to set own parameters.
Plastic honey gates are two 2”. Cover 3 mm acrylic glass. Hinges: plastic 8 pcs. Legs powder coated: 40 x 27 mm.
Complies with the EU requirements.

Manufacturer: “Tomasz Lyson” (Poland).