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Air compressor dryer dehumidifier SW42F

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SW42F Air dryer has a high performance compressor that allows to use it in rooms with high humidity levels, such as swimming pools or large laundry drying premises. The machine ideally suits for mold protection.
The SW42F dehumidifier maintains its high performance even if room temperature reaches only +2°C. Equipped with strong wheels, so the dehumidifier can be easily shifted.

A unique anti-mold SMF filter can be used for all air dehumidifiers of DS/ED series. The filter removes harmful mold spores, dust and other solid particles. The filter also protects the machine itself and extends its operation. In addition, by using these SMF filters, the user reduces the probability of spreading disease. Purchasing a SW series air dehumidifier, one SMF filter comes as a part of a set.

Technical specifications:
– intended for premises 190 m2 (475m3);
– Performance (level 1): 25.5 L / day at 35°C and 80% moisture;
– Performance (level 2): 16.0 L / day at 20°C and 80% moisture;
– steering: mechanical;
– air filter: SMF;
– fan speeds: 2;
– nominal air flow: 197/347 m3/h;
– possibility to connect water discharge: available;
– water tank capacity: 10.4 liters;
– timer: not available;
– noise level: 37/56 dB (other compressor type dehumidifiers work considerably louder: from 47 to 60 dBA);
– operational temperature limits: + 2° – + 35°C;
– voltage: 220-240V / 50Hz;
– power consumption: 420 W at 20°C and 70% humidity;
– power consumption: 630 W at 35°C and 80% moisture;
– Size: 495 x 345 x 527 mm;
– Net weight: 24 kg.