nuotraukos padidinimo mygtukas

Bee sweeping machine “DK” (with rechargeable long-life 12 Volt Ni-Mh 4000 mAh battery)

# 113312


Made from strong and light non-rust aluminum and impact resistant ABS plastic material. UV resistant. Powered from: rechargeable long-life 12 Volt Ni-Mh 4000 mAh battery (included). The battery installed to a water resistant compartment.

By holding the frame with both hands, to lower it downwards into the Bee Sweeper. Has an optical sensor: as soon as the sensor detects the frame, the soft brushes automatically start to rotate and the bees softly brushed down to underlying container. The underlying plastic collection container is equipped with a handle and has a lid on the opposite end. Magnetic door release button, which is located next to the handle, opens the lid instantly for easier shaking the bees back into supers. The Bee Sweeper can be used when harvesting honey, and also when making nucs.
Storage and transportation: The Bee Sweeper’s legs can be folded-up and thus it does not require a lot of space in a car or storehouse during winter period. It is equipped with 2 wheels for convenient shifting in the apiary.
Quick cleaning: The brushes can be cleaned by passing a wet towel down through it or they can be completely disassembled and washed.
Dimensions: Height: 835 mm, Length: 620 mm, Width: 390 mm, Weight: 8,5 – 9 kg. Package: 69 x 39 x 60 cm, 12,3 kg.
Country of origin – South Korea.