nuotraukos padidinimo mygtukas

Brush uncapping machine, electric 0,18 kW (table excluded)

# 12041


Engine power 180 W / 230 V / 1.47 A / 2895 min-1. The length of the machine with the engine is 75 cm. Fits for uncapping table 54 cm wide. Bristles 6 cm long, spaced around the shaft in a sinusoidal way – 42 cm in width.

Keeping the comb in hands, in the direction opposite of to brush rotation, due to a high speed of rotation, the brush takes away cappings on one side of the comb, then after being turned to other side, – the other. And most important is that the uncapping takes place without damaging the cells.

Machine weight approx. 9 kg.

Country of origin: Germany.