nuotraukos padidinimo mygtukas

Cappings wax melter / honey separator

# 16144

It is of continuous operation, separator of honey from cappings wax. Intended to be used with any extraction line or directly put under the uncapping machine.
The honeycombs’ cappings continuously fall down onto the melter’s grating which is heated by a closed circulation of water at 90°C.
Because of this heating, the honey instantaneously separates from the wax, due to wax and honey densities’ difference, and honey is protected from overheating by the layer of liquid wax atop.
It is equipped with angle regulated wax outlet pipe to adjust the desired wax level above the honey.
The entire melter’s body is insulated, outlets prevented from clogging.
The bottom of the melter is also heated. At the honey gate end of this melter it is recommended to put some low honey sump/ filter, into which the honey would be supplied from both – honey extractor and the melter.