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Device for bee bread segregation of painted steel (harvesting machine and its sieve are not included)

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This is an additional tool for easier bee bread segregation from wax particles by a free-fall-roll sieving after combs’ threshing has been done. Intended to use in tandem with the harvesting machine “BBM Mini” (item no.: 10935).
There is a diagonally placed metal excluder’s grid inside to improve better bee bread separation from wax. A device has a steel drawer underneath for wax particles’ and also some of the bee bread fine pieces’ accumulation.
The sound and coarse bee bread hexagons run out straight to a small stainless sieve attached to the separator’s wall. Segregation effectiveness, if having used this device, is achieved quite up to 100%*.
Separator is made of painted steel.
Manufactured by “Wilara”, JSC (Lithuania).

*depends on the color of combs.