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Heating cappings’ melter / settler’s cover „TL“ (1 kW / 230 V) with stainless settler 150 L

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Honey settler 150 L is included to.  This is a honeycomb cappings’ melting device / a heated lid with ventilator – intended to put-on any settler which is 500 mm in diameter (fits for settlers 100 or 150 Liters in volume). In addition, includes a perforated settler’s inlay (which is Ø450 mm in diameter and 420 mm in depth) and has 7 cm high feet – to fill in with honey/wax cappings’ mass up to 15 kg per load.

Heating power: 1 kW / 230 V. Temperature range: +50- +120ºC. Made from stainless steel H18, 0.8 mm thick. Manufactured by: Poland.