nuotraukos padidinimo mygtukas

Honey bottler with pad „TL“ (suitable for honey creaming and pumping)

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Technical data:
»Has a honey creaming option,
»Self-priming, low-speed pump with silicone impeller,
»Computer controlled device,
»Filling capacity: 350 pcs. of jars 500 g / hour (depends on the type and density of honey),
»Filling accuracy: +/- 1% (in the range 0-1200 g), +/- 1.5% (in the range above 1200 g).
»Filling range from 50 g to 45 kg,
»May be used as a pump,
»All parts that come into contact with honey are made of stainless steel or food grade plastic,
»230 V / 180 W power supply.

A set consists of: countertop, dispensing pedal, dosing microst contact, snake hose connector for connecting the hose to the pump, hose clamp, 1.5 meter of hose.

Manufactured by „Thomas Łysoń“ (Poland).