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Honey prefilter-settler “DE” (35 kg)

# 122933


Stainless steel honey filter-settler has two removable vertical filters and a stainless steel lid. Two vertical filters: a coarse one (diameter 1.5 mm), the other is fine (diameter 0.5 mm). Two discharge gates. Height to the bottom of the upper gate – 263 mm. Capacity 35 kg. The total height is 340 mm. Has convenient folding handles.
Honey flows into the filter from the honey extractor. The lower honey gate is kept closed during filtration. As the container fills up, wax particles and other impurities rise up to the surface and are removed. After the honey has passed through the filters, it is discharged through the upper valve. Filters do not required to be removed for cleaning during a whole working day. In order to preheat thicker sorts of honey, a heating coil with a diameter of about 17 cm can be immersed. Country of origin – Germany.