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Manual uncapping device LG ROLL

# 120491

Manual uncapping device for honeycombs of European Langstrot-size (Dadant-Blatt 3/4 – 232 mm high). However, may be adapted for Dadan-Blatt frames. Stainless steel. Four legs of the stand have rubber soles to maintain stability. After inserting the frame into holder, by lowering the handle the frame passes down between the plastic floppy toothed disks, 5 cm diameter. These small disks are freely thrusted on two axes. The uncapping depth may be adjusted. When the handle is rising upwards, the uncapped honeycomb is automatically pushed further to assembly stand. Has a alimentary plasticcontainer for collection of cappings, measuring 600 x 400 x 170 mm. Manufactured by: „Lega Italy“ (Italy).