nuotraukos padidinimo mygtukas

Multifunctional honey bottler with mini Ø 60 cm automatic turntable „TL“ (suitable for honey creaming and pumping)

# 11112

The compactness of this device allows one single person to operate it.
Length: 810 mm,
Base’s width: 500 mm,
Height: 635 mm,
Rotary turntable’s diameter: Ø 600 mm.

self-priming, low-speed pump with silicone gear, computer controlled computer technology.
Filling capacity: approximately 350 bottles per hour (500 grams) (depends on the type and density of honey).
Filling accuracy:
± 1% (if the filling range is from 0 to 1200 grams),
± 1.5% (when filled more than 1200 grams).
Filling range: from 50 grams up to 45 kilograms.
The device can be used as a pump.
All parts in contact with honey are made of stainless steel and food-grade plastic.
Power: 270 W / 230 V.
Manufactured by “Tomasz Lyson” (Poland).