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Optical honey refractometer for measurement of water content and sucrose Brix (°Bx) (without prism’s illumination)

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This optical measuring device measures water content, also shows amount of pure sucrose in the aqueous solution by the dual scale expression of Baumé (Bé°) and Brix (°Bx).

Humidity measurements in honey: from 13% to 27%. Resolution: 1.0%. Accuracy: ± 0.2% (at the sample temperature +10 to 30°C).

Sucrose concentration by Brix range: 58°Bx to 92°Bx. Resolution: 0.5%. For comparison, 1 Brix% (ºBx) grade = 1 gram of sucrose / in 100 grams of aqueous solution. Measurements at +20 ºC sample temperature.

Measurement values ​​by Baumé (Bé°) (according to French pharmacist Antoine Baumé) ranging: from 38ºBé° to 43ºBé°. Resolution: 0.5°. Each degree of Baumé = 18 grams of sugar / liter and at the end of the fermentation is expected to correspond to approximately 1% of alcohol. In distilled water, Baumé equals 0 degrees. 1.8 ºBrix = 1 ºBaumé.

The ºBrix index (by Adolf Brix) basically represents the percentage of sugar in the solution by weight. This assumes the alcohol strength for the wine – a measure of the optimum maturity of the grapes in the winemaking – that helps to decide when is the best time to harvest.

Instrument Weight: 192 g.