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Oxalic acid vaporizer “Sublimox” (300 W / 230 V) (with flip-on lid kit)

# 150001PLIUS


Power: 300 W / 230 V / 50-60 Hz. In order to convert to a 12 V power supply, a 300 W / 12 V converter is required (which is not included).

The sublimator used to fed from a single-phase 230 V power supply source and allow it to heat up for some 8-10 minutes.
1g – 2g oxalic acid powder or one 1g oxalic acid tablet (depends on the size of the family: a measuring spoon is included) is placed into the oxalic acid cap. The vaporizer is placed upside down onto the cap. Its nozzle to be thrusted through the entrance of the beehive and the vaporizer is turned right side up to start the process.
Evaporation lasts about 25 seconds.

The sublimation evaporator has a PID thermostat that controls the temperature and maintains an accuracy between 180°C and 185°C in a range of five degrees. A highly efficient heating element is used. Due to the precise temperature control system, the oxalic acid turning into formic acid is avoided.
This is a heavy-duty tool. Made of stainless steel AISI 316.
Very fast treatment of colonies: lasts approx. 25 seconds.

This device is patented and certified in accordance with EU requirements.

The kit includes some practical tool box as a gift.
It can be used both with powdered oxalic acid, or with oxalic acid tablets.