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Plastic honey comb with a frame (h=145 mm)

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Frame size: 434 mm (length) x 469 mm (upper beam) x 145 mm (height) x 25 mm (width). With Hoffman shoulders – 36 mm. Weight: 268 g. Colour: black or yellow. Country of origin: Romania.

Plastic combs are more durable, more stiff and stable than natural ones. And these have larger useful or effective area. Such a comb would not be broken even if it were extracted in the radial extractor. Not to fear overmuch, honey and plastic would have no any direct contact, because all the surfaces in a hive would be embalmed by the bees prior to honey fill. To note, however, better not to mix it up wax and plastic foundations together in one body, because anyway the bees would build up from the wax foundations preferably. Therefore, it is better to put up the entire body either with wax, or plastic foundations alone. To remember that the drone cells the bees are able to build up without any foundation either. Plastic does not cause a problem in this respect. Plastic combs could be washed with a high pressure water jet. Depending on the quality of the material used, plastic can withstand temperatures up to 180°C. Therefore, it is not allowed to boil it up for longer periods of time, but it is possible to melt from it down. If we were to use these only for honey harvest, such durable plastic combs can serve You for decades! As for brood cells, surely may be used these plastic ones, however, better to use wax combs preferably, in order to have a possibility to exchange these with fresh ones annually, due to hygiene considerations alone. It is of interest, that Swedes and Norwegians adhere to a cardinal opposite approach with regard to plastic combs: some avoid using plastic ones completely, while others use it massively! So, You have an opportunity to choose now, but the decision is, of course, yours.