nuotraukos padidinimo mygtukas

Plastic melting pail for 16 frames DN or Zander, with steam generator

# 160320


Inner dimensions: height 50 cm, Ø 38 cm bottom, Ø 45 cm atop.

Contains of heat-resistant plastic container, which is food-safe and wax-neutral, easy to clean, and comes with the steam master! Capacity for about 16 frames DN or Zander. On the pail’s bottom to place two wooden slats, on which the combs in frames to be put for melting. To insert the steam hose through the small hole in the pail’s wall and switch the steam generator on. Liquid beeswax runs out through an oval hole at the bottom edge of the container. After the completion of the melting process and having frames removed, hot pomace may be cleaned out.