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Pollen fanner / winnower “TL Optima Line” (of painted steel)

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This pollen winnower is designed to separate pollen from “chaff” by using air blower. It consists of a centrifugal fan and a set of two oscillating sieves. Efficiency approx. 25 kg/h.
Has an adjustable sieve angle, also adjustable pollen intake manual regulation.
Economical steering control MDD-01 by using potentiometer smooth speed regulation.
Parameters: sieves’ motor power 250 W / 230 V and blower motor power 67 W / 230 V.
Parts that come in contact with pollen has been made from stainless steel.
Measurements: length 90 cm, width 40 cm, height 65 cm.
Weight: 22 kg.
Manufactured by Poland.