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Polystyrene beehive “TL OPTIMA Dadant” 10R, decorated (self-assembly)

# 103100P10_OSP


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Polystyrene decorated beehive “TL OPTIMA Dadant”. The hive bodies and hive top are painted and embellished with a print.

An additional protective UV coating is applied: resistance to atmospheric effects and protection against color fading is guaranteed.

Complete set (version A):
1 low hygienic bottom (h=7 cm) of plastic, with pull-out pollen drawer +
1 entrance reducer with shutter # 10882 (370 mm) +
1 brood section body Dadant 1/1 (inner 400 × 470 × 295 mm) +
2 honey super bodies Dadant 1/2 (400 × 470 × 142 mm) +
1 transparent ceiling with built-in thermometer and three ventilation grills (Ø85 mm) +
1 high polystyrene roof with ventilation holes (h=10 cm).

Parts supplied are not assembled. The plastic profiles (frame supports) for bodies have to be screwed. Colour request upon individual order. Sold in full sets.

Country of origin – Poland.