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Queen cell incubator small / 70 positions (if NC system used)

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Proffessional digital incubator for queenbreeding of 70 queen.
The incubator is manufactured of 40 mm high insulating polyurethane sheets and wood. The high insulation ensures a constant temperature and low power consumption. T
he electronic thermostat guarantees a constant temperature kept inside the incubator. By means of a precision thermostat the temperature is set and kept at 35 ºC (± 0,1 ºC).

The heating element inside the incubator is supplied by low voltage – thus – no danger! The heating element can be removed and is easily cleaned. The built-in light, and the large insulating double window ensure perfect overview of the queen cells. The light can furthermore be turned on/off separately from the power supply. The incubator is well suited for breeding systems as for example the NC system. As a power backup the Incubator can be connected with one or two car batteries.

Technical Data:
 Inner meassurements: 24,5 x 22 x 39,5 cm. Power supply: 100 – 240 V / 200 W/ 0,8 – 2 A.
Weight: 15 kg / 0,18 m3.

Made by Denmark.