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Reunion grid, Dadant-Blatt 10-frame (425 x 500 mm)

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Outer dimensions: 425 x 500 x 2,5 mm. White color for alimentary plastic. Weight 265 g.

Allows smoothly to combine two collonies. Avoiding the damage to the Queen for substitution. On the 2 corners at the front, at the entrance side of the hive, there are 6 larger passage holes (4,2 mm) left and right, – this allows to pass for worker bees only. The hive body with the Queen to keep has to be placed underneath, bellow of grid. If it is a young Queen there, should have at minimum 2 frames with her capped brood in that body. But the body with old or bad Queen – to place above. In between – the reuniting grid to be put. The grid should be directed with the bigger holes’ side towards to hive entrance – directed frontwards. To put the feeding body or roof atop.

After 5 to 8 days to remove the upper body with old/bad Queen, the remaining bees to be shaked behind the hives. To check that the the old Queen to be substituted is not on the reuniting grid, otherwise to eliminate her. After that, the reuniting grid has to be removed away.