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Rotary uncapping machine “AWO-1” (uncapping table excluded)

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Electric 0.5 kW / 230 V rotary uncapper has two vertical shafts, driven by the upper mounted motors. The shafts are equipped with synthetic brushes. Uncapping depth can be adjusted as per variable brush inter-distance. Manual feeding into and out of machine’s casing by using comb frame holder (has to be adapted as per customer’s frames in use). Uncapping carried out on both sides simultaneously. This rotary uncapper suits to any size frames. In comparison with similar rotational uncapping devices equipped with metal knives or chain pieces, these brush style machines work considerably quieter and are more delicate and gentle when rubbing wooden frame parts. In addition, brushes make the comb’s surface smooth and equal. Weight, netto 37 kg. Dimensions: 90 x 85 x 45 cm.

Manufacturer: “Wilara”, JSC (Lithuania).