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Self-turning cassette honey extractor „SL“ for Shallow frames (8F, 110 W / 230 V)

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A compact design, silent and reliable operation.

Cassette size: 18 x 44 x 4,5 cm. This enables extracting honey from honeycombs which have a height of up to 17 cm and the upper beam’s length – 48 cm.
Drive: electric motor 110W / 230V with full electronic speed control.
The internal diameter of the barrel: 63 cm.

The 8 frame self-turning honey extractor is powered by an electric motor 110W / 230V installed atop, with full electronic speed control. Has a safety switch which stops the motor if the lid was opened accidentally. Modern welding techniques allow for hygienic bottom seams, rounded up for easier drum’s cleaning. Stainless drain is built-in at the lowest point, so all the honey can be drained out completely. All parts of the honey extractor, which come in contact with honey, are made of high quality stainless steel, suitable for food products. The lid is made of transparent acrylic glass.

The basket cassettes are made of vertical wires of corresponding density so the honeycomb is not damaged during the extraction. The wire cassette prevents the honey from being clogged in the cassette during the extraction, therefore, the frames spinned dry completely. The cassettes in the extractor are doubled between, there is a sheet metal piece for easier honey draining.

Automatic control enables to have the entire process of extraction independent – during spinningn the user can focus on other tasks, uncapping at instance. Steering is quite simple by using a digital LCD display and a membrane keyboard. The controller allows for eight different programs be set and saved. Each program allows for different time’s, direction’s and rotation speed’s values be pre-programmed. Basic extraction programs are already preset in a factory, but can be changed at any time or new programs may be additionally set and saved.

Manufactured by Slovenia.


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