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Stainless device for bee bread separation (harvesting machine and its sieve are not included)

# 10936


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It is an optional tool for bee-bread and wax mixture’s segregation. Intended to use in tandem with the harvesting machine “BBM Mini” (item no.: 10935). There is a diagonally placed metal excluder’s grid inside to improve the better bee bread separation from wax. If using this additional separation device, separation process has to be carried out freely by gravity: collecting the bigger bee-bread pieces into small stainless sieve attached to the separator’s side from the outside. However, some small/damaged fractions of the bee bread and wax flakes has to be collected in the separation device’s drawer beneath. Segregation effectiveness and purity to achieve – almost 98-100% (actually depends on the age of combs being used). Stainless steel completely.

Produced by: UAB “Wilara” (Lithuania).