nuotraukos padidinimo mygtukas

Three-layered varroa capturing device

# 10582


This device is a flexible 3-layer mat for Varroa mite control. It is made flexible in oder to have a possibility to insert it conveniently under the brood frames on the hive bottom. This allows to avoid lifting up all brood frames when placing it underneath.
The mat consists of 3 layers:
(1) the lower one – a thick transparent plastic sheet (1 mm thick) intended for smearing with Vaseline, or for placing a Vaseline-smeared paper sheet on it;
(2) the middle layer – a green plastic “bird fence” mesh that separates the two layers – keeps lifted up the top layer from the bottom layer; and
(3) the upper layer is a white soft polyamide mesh intended to keep the bees separated from fallen mites which stuck to Vaseline, in order not to get into secondary contact with them again.
After removing the mat from the hive, it can be washed with some disinfection liquid and then put back to hive for reuse.
Another option of use: to place a sheet of paper smeared with Vaseline on the lower layer – this allows to avoid of smearing the mat and cleaning it all the time. After taken from the hive, the paper with Vaseline-stuck mites may be burned out itself and then replaced with some new clean paper smeared with Vaseline. The procedure to be repeated.