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Two-section steam wax melter “2G” (without steam generator)

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This is a stainless steel wax melter, made by UAB “Wilara”. Has two individual sections. With steam diversion mechanism. The melter is well insulated, its structure is reinforced.

External dimensions: 1550 x 525 x 520 (height with cover) mm. Height with legs: 95 cm, adjustable, legs equipped with wheels and brakes.

The melter consists of two separate chambers for honeycomb melting, each with its own lid. Section’s internal space: 725 x 475 x 410 (height to cover) mm. Capacity: 2 x 20 frames with Hoffmann shoulders (35 mm). Productivity: up to 250 combs per hour. After combs being hanged in, the 7 cm cavity remains underneath for wax deposits to accumulate. At the bottom there is a removable flexible perforated steel insert placed in. The bottom is conical in shape, with a middle slope and towards the discharge. Wax discharge pipes (Ø30 mm) for each of sections are placed next to each other in the middle of the bottom. A steam inlet pipe connection, to direct the steam into intermediate wall, is made at a height of some 74 cm from the floor surface. Steam inlet has an external thread (Ø28 mm inner, Ø35 mm external). The steam generator has to be obtained separately. On the opposite side of the steam inlet there is a handle to divert a steam alternately to any of sections. By operating the device that way, a comb melting carried out in one section, while the next lot of combs is being prepared in the second one.