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Wasp and hornets trap (with attractant)

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Scent of attractant spreads out widely as two one-way entrances of the trap located close to wasp attractant container beneath. This wasp (hornet) trap accidentally could catch honeybees as well, however, the honeybees may escape through the slots of the upper transparent bowl, but wasps (hornets) can not and get trapped in. Some big moths also may get through into, because the one-way entrances are made big enough for giant hornets, however, moths move upwards to the very same upper transparent container being trapped there, therefore, the wasp attractant is not polluted by dead moths. Small green awning / or round overhang prevents from raindrops seeping into attractant container below and this does not allow to dilute the attractant fluid. In order to annihilate wasps (hornets), container may be immersed into water or put into freezer as well, or even by using gas torch (from safe for plastic distance of 10-15 cm). May be used with liquid or solid attractant (both comes to set). All separate plastic parts are detachable for cleaning and twisted-in into whole construction. Height total: 39 cm. Overhang’s diameter (the widest part): 25 cm. Weight: 0,9 kg. Country of origin: China.