nuotraukos padidinimo mygtukas

Wax melter “T”, aluminum 20 L (Ø 33 cm, with water tank)

# 16038


Lightweight aluminum wax melter of 3 parts: 15 liter water boiling pot (inner Ø285 mm and h=240 mm) + inner liquid wax collection and discharge part, flatshape, with Ø67mm steam supply hole in the middle and with narror Ø10 mm discharge tube (length 50 mm) + the upper comb melting compartment 20 L (inner Ø315 mm and h=285 mm), with perforated bottom and a steam supply cylinder Ø75 mm and H=70 mm in the middle. With lid. Each part has strong non-folding handles. Total height about 60 cm. Weight: 3 kg. Country of origin – Turkey.