nuotraukos padidinimo mygtukas

White melilot, or white sweetclover seeds ELK (Melilotus albus L.) – 1,0 kg

# 1509211


ELK – seeds of exclusive purity, carefully selected.

White sweetclover is considered a valuable outstanding honey plant. The light green stems are round or slightly terete (furrowed on all sides), glabrous, and often branched. Leaves are trifoliate and sparsely distributed along the stem. Nectar yields: starting from 150-200 kg/ha in wilde, however, as industrial crops may reach 500-680 kg/ha. The blossoming period occurs from early summer in June to fall (October), reaching its peak during mid-summer, and lasts for about 1-2 months for a colony of plants. White sweetclover honey is clear, sometimes yellowish, with a smell reminiscent of vanilla. Seed rate 20-30 kg/ha.