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8-cassette honey extractor “Premium” (Ø 1200 mm, 8/16 frames, automatic, 750 W)

# 121581

For the Premium Line series honey extractors the 7 year warranty period is applied!

The exclusive Premium Line honey extractors made of the best quality materials and components. Their most distinctive feature – durability, reliability and excellence at work. This extractor has 8 Dadant size cassettes: 320 mm length, 420 mm depth, and 50 mm inner width – accommodates 8 deep frames or 16 shallow frames (or 8 Langstroth frames). Stainless rods for cassettes: Ø3 ir Ø6 mm. Ability to work in manual or automatic mode. Power: 750 W / 230 V.

The gear which is located underneath the bottom consists of a high-performance motor gear series THF eco-line, directly coupled to the axis of the rotor and an E1000 series voltage frequency inverter – all enable for the full optimization of the system. The implemented gear drive reduces power consumption down by 35%, while still retaining the excellent technical parameters of the Premium quality. By using the gear of the series THF was increased the durability of the device, and this also reduces the noise level significantly. More reliable electronics were installed to the extractors’ steering control.

Extractor’s stand is made of stainless steel. It is very stable and easy to dismantle. The drum itself is made of thicker acid-resistant stainless steel – 0,8 mm thick, strengthened and reinforced sheet, with a drain Ø2 inch. The bottom is conical, also acid-resistant, 1 mm thick, stainless steel. Transparent lids, made of meta-plexi glass 8 mm thick, allowing safely to observe the spinning process, without any risk of contact with the rotating basket, and also also protects against the undesirable formation of honey mist in the working premises.
The rotor itself is made entirely of stainless steel acid-resistant rods. Its axis is journaled in two housings: the upper and lower.

An advanced automatic steering HE-03 is installed. The HE-03 steering is equipped with the latest electronic processor. It has been designed to provide the user with unsophisticated, but intuitive and reliable steering.
The main HE-03 features and advantages: (1) 8 fully programmable automatic spinning cycles; (2) Large (4,3’’) TFT graphic display with energy-saving LED illumination; (3) Screen resolution: 480×272 pixels; (4) 8 ergonomically designed steering buttons; (5) Easy to use and intuitive interface with high-resolution icons displayed, that enable its viewing in any lighting conditions; (6) The graphic editor for spinning cycles and built-in autocorrection editor for parameters; (7) Two independent timers to measure the extractor’s working time; (8) Advanced diagnostic-controlling functions for constant monitoring of the steering parameters; (9) The high quality vector inverter from Mitsubishi company is guided therein.

The automatic steering control allows the operator to choose any of the personally programmed his own extraction cycles (namely, the programs from the 4th upwards). The first two programs allow to handle spinning direction, also speed and desirable spinning time manually. The third one is an automatic one and has factory settings. For any of the spinning cycles it is necessary to define 7 steps. Each step is defined by the three parameters: cycle’s commencement time, given speed and spinning direction (the last seventh step determines the rotor stoppage time – can not be changed).