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Cappings’ wax melter “LOGAR” (Ø63 cm, isolated, 2.5 kW / 230 V)

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By using this Melter the honey can be easily separated from the wax cappings. This is done by a circulation of hot air inside. Heating power: 2.5 kW / 230V. The temperature can be adjusted by means of a thermostat between 30° – 90 °C. A fan circulating hot air ensures a uniform temperature distribution throughout the vessel. Once the cappings start to melt, the honey immediately flows down to the bottom of the vessel, and melted wax covers the honey, protecting it from overheating. The Melter makes it possible to retrieve all the honey out of the wax cappings, so your investment pays off quickly.
Isolated vessel’s walls. At the bottom of the container is a perforated stainless insert. The Melter is made entirely of stainless steel. All parts that come in contact with the honey are made from food approved materials.
This system of cappings’ melting is particularly suitable for those beekeepers who do their uncapping of honeycombs by using electric uncapping machines, as from such uncapping more honey remains.
The Melter may also be used to liquefy honey in jars or other smaller containers. Place the jars on the perforated bottom insert and set the thermostat to the appropriate temperature. That is it.
Diameter of the container: Ø63 cm.
Capacity: approx. 30 kg of cappings’ wax.

Manufactured by: Slovenia.