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Double side nucleus “PH 2+2” with plastic frames

# 14010


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Made of high density EPS polystyrene (>100 kg/m3): 330 x 130 x 110 mm. Wall thickness 18 mm. Weight 434 g.

The partition divides the nucleus into two parts, each compartment with two plastic frames 105 x 65 mm with honeycomb foundation print. The inner partition has a common hole that is plugged with a plastic plug. In the middle of the nucleus, there is free cavity space left for feeding 95 x 48 x 80 mm. Retractable grills are installed at the bottom to ensure sufficient ventilation. Ventilation takes place even if nucleuses are placed on top of each other. On both ends it has a separate round two-position entrances.

A set includes: monolithic nucleus body cast with bottom + cover + four plastic frames + two transparent ceiling pieces + two screw-on two-position round entrance reducers + compartment connecting hole plug + two pull-out Queen excluders’pieces + two retractable bottom grills for ventilation.

Manufacturer: Paradise Honey Oy (Finland).