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Honey dryer GD 1000 kg

# 12507

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Stainless steel dehumidifier for honey. Capacity 1000 kg. Power: 5,5 kW / 230 V. (400 V may be made upon request.)

Dimensions: 2268 x1220 x 1465 (height) mm.

The steel disks inside the machine, rotate very slowly to allow the honey to dry out avoiding its spoiling.

The mixing and water extraction takes place in a closed reservoir, this helps to retain honey’s aroma and fragrance.

Machine has a heating system, which allows to mix honey at 35°C, and has a specific built-in humidity extraction system.

Machine is made of stainless steel AISI 304 with automatic shut off system when the desired humidity value (percentage) is reached.

Fixed speed motor 1 rev./min., electrical panel with digital thermostat.

Produced by: “Giordan s.r.l.” (Italy).