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Spin-dryer „Thomas“ with removable rotor (Ø 32 cm)

# 12191

Centrifuge with constant speed (manufacturer’s code 351). Rotor diameter Ø 32 cm, stainless steel. Includes nylon insert for filtering.
Centrifuge diameter Ø 420 mm, height – 1000 mm. Power 550 W / 230 V.

It is possible to order a centrifuge (manufacturer’s code 836) with a variable speed (up to 1500 rpm). It would have two functions: draining of cappings (high speed spinning up to 1500 rpm) or filtering of honey (on lower revolutions, due to honey does not fill up with air bubbles).
This is an ideal honey filtering equipment would work even better in tandem with a honey pump. Made from stainless steel 10/10. Rotor diameter Ø 32 cm (height 34.5 cm). Height to honey release point: approx. 30 cm.
Set includes two nylon filters: for heavier use of cappings and nylon inlay for honey filtering. Power: 550 W / 230 V. Machine’s weight approx. 80 kg.
Producer: “Thomas Apiculture” (France).