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Steam wax melter “S” (sterilizer)

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Wax melter / sterilizator, made completely of stainless steel. Capacity approx 23 frames. A gas burner is not supplied.
Dimension: 60 x 40 x 82 cm, perforated basket: 33 x 53 x 49 cm.

This melter is intended for melting comb wax by obtaining the pure wax. Wax cappings, obtained from uncapper, may also be melted. The melter generates water vapour. To avoid using it if water evaporates, needs to be constantly present in the wax melter. When water is heated to the boiling point, generated vapour escapes through the perforated basket and melts the comb wax inside. Pure beeswax flows out through the perforated bottom of the wax melter. Simultaneously the frames are disinfected. It is also possible to heat the melter with hard fuels. A gas burner is not supplied with the wax melter.
For disinfection an outlet can be closed / screwed up.

Manufactured by: Slovenia.