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Tangential honey extractor „MINIMA“ (Ø 600 mm, 4-frame, manual, with plastic honey gate, without central axle)

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Complies with the EU requirements.

This is a stainless steel honey extractor with a manual drive. Cylinder diameter Ø600 mm. Height 735 mm. Tangential rotor has no central axle, in order to have a possibility to change combs’ sides without pulling them out from extractor. It is easy to disassemble the rotor for cleaning without using any tools. Honey extractor is made of 0.6 mm thick stainless steel. Honey drain plastic 6/4 “. Tangential rotor’s  mesh 20 x 20 mm. Transparent acrylic cover 3 mm thick, with 4 plastic hinges. Legs are short, powder-coated.

Manufactured by Poland.