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Vessel for wine and juice 35 L, stainless steel (with drain)

# 12323


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Stand has to be ordered separately!

Volume 35 Liter. Made of stainless steel W. Nr. 1.4301.

Internal diameter: 31 cm,
Height without stand: 49 cm,
Height with stand: 82 cm.

This stainless steel vessel is specially adapted for preservation of wine or natural juices. After pasteurizing (preferably in the same vessel) at a temperature below the boiling point – 90-95ºC, the juice can be conserved in that very same container for longer period of time. In order to avoid contact with air and fermentation, a specially designed floating metal lid with handle, made of adequate diameter, –  has to be placed on the surface of the juice and circumference sealed with paraffin oil (art. # 12322). The vessel has a drain below. Upon consuming the juice, the level decreases and the float-lid descends to ensure the tightness and freshness of the product.

Manufacturer: “Logar Trade d.o.o.” (Slovenia).