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Wax melter „L“ with solid fuel furnace

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Stainless wax melter together with the cast iron stove for heating. The metal melter to be mounted atop of the stove. Suitable for well-ventilated rooms.
Cast iron stove’s external dimensions: 59 x 43 x 61 (height with feet) cm.
Inner dimensions 58 x 42 x 59 cm.
The cast iron stove is equipped with flue: Ø10 cm, 1.25 m.
Stainless melter’s perforated inner basket (with handles): 525 (length) x 335 (width) x 420 mm (depth).
Water capacity to fill in: up to 30 liters.
Frame capacity to wax melter: 9-12 Dadant frames. Melting productivity: 70-80%.
Made by: Poland.