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Two-section stainless steam wax melter “2GE” (with electric steam generator 6 kW / 230 V)

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This is a stainless steel wax melter, made by UAB “Wilara” (Lithuania).

Stainless steel wax melter with two separate wax melting compartments, each with its own separate lid. A mechanism for diverting steam to one of the sections is built into inner wall partition. The body of the melter is well insulated against the radiation of heat energy, the structure is reinforced, the height of the legs is adjustable, mounted on wheels (with brakes on one side).

External dimensions (melter body/maximum): 1550/1560 x 550/700 x 520/880 mm.

Internal dimensions of one compartments (section or chamber): 720 x 485 x 410 mm.

Regular working height – 90 cm.

One compartment capacityup to 20 frames (frames with Hoffmann shoulders 35 mm).

Productivity: approx. 250 comb frames per hour.

Inside below, under hanged frames, 5-7 cm of free space remains for wax debris to accumulate. A flexible perforated Ø3 mm stainless steel sheet insert is placed on the bottom. The bottom of the melter is made with a slope towards the center, in the direction of wax escape. Liquid wax discharge tubes Ø22 mm in diameter, separate for each section, in the center of the bottom, at the lowest point, next to each other.

External steam supply point – connection diameter Ø30 mm – at a height approx. 60-65 cm from the floor, inclined downwards. Steam is supplied to the inner wall partition. On the opposite side of the steam connection point, there is a steam regulation handle. The steam is led in to each of the compartments through the middle partition via seven Ø8 mm diameter holes. Handle inclination direction indicates steam direction. The design of the handle prevents opening the lid on the side to which the steam handle is tilted. Usually, melting of wax combs takes place in one of the compartments, whileat that time on the other side comb frames for the next batch are being prepared. There is a possiblity to direct the steam to both sections at the same time (the handle in vertical position). To observe safety measures.

The weight of the equipment without the steam generators and their rack is 80 kg (net).

Descaling of the steam generator.

At least every year – the steam generation reservoir and the heating element itself need to be descaled with citric acid. If water from domestic supply is very hard, the generator should be descaled even more often than usual. (If possible, it is generally better to use soft clean rainwater for steam production.)

Descaling solution preparation:

250 grams of citric acid powder to dilute in 2.5 liters of cold water. The solution should be poured in through the upper steam exit pipe (remove the hose). To allow to descale by staying idle overnight – 24 hours. After that, the solution can be drained by opening the bottom tap and washed with clean water from a hose under pressure or otherwise.