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Steam generator “UA” (wood fired)

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Firewood is used for heating. This steam generator may be used outdoors only. Max. water volume 18 L. Operating time 1,5-2,5 hours. Actuation of pressure valve at 3 kg/cm2.

Dimensions: 750 x 425 x 1070 mm. Height with chimney 170 cm. Weight 62 kg.

First, firewood is loaded into the firewood and lit. After 2-3 minutes passed, water is poured into ~ 15 liters (not full).

The generator and the wax melter are to be connected with flexible hose. After ignition the water boils and generates steam in about 20-30 minutes.
When the water evaporates and it is necessary to refill the boiler with water. Steam pressure has to be reduced first by opening the safety pressure valve. Precautions should be taken for refilling water. It is necessary to monitor readings of the pressure gauge; when the pressure rises to 0.5 kg/cm2 (the measurement limits of the monometer are 0.05 … 0.4 kg/cm2) – stop operation immediately: extinguish the fire in the furnace, release the steam through the safety valve, then carefully open the water filling cap of the boiler.

Country of origin – Ukraine.