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Wax melter “MINI”, electric 2 kW / 230 V (with water jacket and insulated lid)

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This wax melting device normally is used for candles’ making by hand-dipping technique, forming classical candles on a vertically-strained wickes hung on a steel frame (candle making kit with its metal plate has to be ordered separately).
Technical data: made of stainless steel; a sheet of 1 mm thick used for outside walls, and 1.5 mm thick for the inside;
heating power 2 kW / 230 V; temperature control 0 – 85°C; water based heating in inner walls, top lid is insulated.
stainless steel ball valve 1/2″;
Melter’s dimensions: 600 x 300 x 650 mm.
Country of origin: Poland.